13 noviembre 2015

El sexo, ¿sigue siendo fundamental en la relación?

Recuerdo que cuando era adolescente y salía el tema de conversación por excelencia de aquella época en el instituto, el sexo, siempre se llegaba a la conclusión de que este era importante, pero no lo era todo en la relación. En aquel entonces, recuerdo perfectamente que había dos bandos en clase: el de los chicos, para quienes el sexo es lo imprescindible de la relación; y el de las chicas, que decían más bien que lo que importaba era quererse mutuamente. 

Con el paso de los años, me doy cuenta de que, aunque todavía hay quienes aguardan esa misma opinión, en realidad los papeles han ido cambiando. Ahora, cada vez hay más mujeres que diferencian sexo y amor. Pero no solo eso, sino que estiman que esta pareja no siempre va en consonancia. Sí, sí. Tengo amigas de la infancia que ahora recuerdan aquello de que “el querer es lo más importante. Si no nos queremos, no podemos tener sexo” con cierto pudor, sentido del ridículo y hasta vergüenza. Porque para ellas mismas ahora todo ha cambiado.

Antes, hablarles de un juguete erótico de los típicos que se compran en un sex shop tipo consoladores, masturbadores, vibradores y cositas así era como hablarles de un pecado, del infierno. Ahora, son las primeras que recurren a tiendas de este tipo en busca de la lencería más picante, el consolador más grande y más innovador del mercado y, si pueden darse el capricho, hasta de un juego de mesa al que ya no solo son capaces de jugar con sus parejas, sino también con sus amigos. 

Esas amigas (y aquellas otras féminas que piensen como ellas) ahora se caracterizan por lo que yo llamo sexo libre en el que se puede tener pareja, pero se puede disfrutar del sexo con alguien que no sea nuestra pareja.

Y es ahí donde nos preguntamos si el sexo sigue siendo fundamental en la relación. Porque, en efecto, importante es. Pero, ¿cuán importante puede ser si, aun teniendo lo que se tiene en casa se busca fuera? ¿Será que lo que importa es sentirse pleno en la relación aunque el sexo se disfrute también en compañía de otra persona que no sea nuestra pareja? 

La verdad es que ahora mismo me analizo y analizo todas esas preguntas y no soy capaz de brindar respuesta alguna. Desde luego, las cosas van cambiando. Tanto que a veces ya no sabemos ni lo que queremos.

Salvo mis amigas, claro, que lo único que saben es que les encantan los sex shop como www.sensualplanet.es/.

13 agosto 2015

Why should you visit Gran Canaria at least once in your life?

Gran Canaria is commonly known as a "miniature continent" because of its incredible variety of landscapes full of dunes, fertile valleys, a high and rocky coastline with spectacular cliffs and micro-climates such as the subtropical, oceanic and continental. These conditions makes it a unique place where you can enjoy all kind of different activities in Gran Canaria in any season of the year. The almost 60km of beaches of beautiful golden sand in 236km of coast will make you feel as if you were in the paradise.

Gran Canaria is a great destination in order to have the best holidays in your life. The main beaches are located in the South, some of them are: Maspalomas, Playa del Ingles, Amadores and Mogan. The most international ones are El Ingles and Maspalomas where you can see the famous dunes, a surprising mix of desert and oasis which is one of the main tourists attractions on the island. In the capital, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria you can find Las Canteras, one of the most impressive urban beaches in Europe. Situated in the heart of the city, it is one of the most significant symbols of the city and island. Every day of the year these beaches are full of tourists who practice different aquatic activities in Gran Canaria like the ones you can see here (windsurf, boat excursions, jet ski excursions...)

The island is considered a perfect place for sport lovers. At the sea or in the mountains, you can choose the landscape that you prefer to do activities such as diving, hiking, excursions by bike, climbing, etc. Gran Canaria is also considered by the UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve, its fantastic summit, the presence of flora from Macaronesia and large areas of pine make the island a wonderful place from which you will not want to go.

Apart from this, you will also be able to go on excursions in Gran Canaria to enjoy the exciting city life on the island, especially in its capital, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. This is a city that has one of the best climates in the world, and it is a cosmopolitan and dynamic place, where you will find everything you can imagine. Come and walk around the magic streets of Vegueta, the historical center, where you can find the traditional architecture of the island and different museums that explain the canarian history.

The island is waiting you, the perfect climate, its nice people, a great quality of life and all kind of activities in Gran Canaria are things you should check by yourself. Don't let other people tell you about it, come and visit the paradise.

31 octubre 2014

Tourism in the Canary Islands?

The Canary Islands are one of the favourite international destinations to travel. The reasons why many foreign people decide to go to the Canaries to pass their holidays are multiple, apart from being obvious:

-the climate there is honestly perfect: all of them can show off about their warm temperatures all year long. Even in winter, when it is normal to find the lowest temperatures in the Canaries, we can go to the south of them and enjoy its temperate climate, I mean, it is possible that it rains, but we do not have the neccesity to wear winter clothes.

-another good reason to travel to the Canary Islands archipelago is, of course, the wide range of beaches it has. Here we menction you some of the most wonderful beaches of the islands:

Fuerteventura is known as the most incredible island in terms of beaches. White sand and kilometric seashores are always genuine motives to visit it. Morrojable, Jandía, Cofete, Costa Calma are some of them.

Lanzarote, the volcanic island par excellence, has also lots of beaches where we can see volcanic remains. Papagayo, Las Malvas (in Tinajo), as well as the natural pools like Los Charcones or Charco del Palo are a mixed reflection of the eruptions of the past and the beautiful sea-nature of nowadays.

In Gran Canaria, Maspalomas, Playa del Inglés, Mogán et al. Are stupendous tourist attractions thanks to its lovely landscapes and admirable views.

-If we talk about monuments of interest and places to pass a funny day in family, the Canary Islands are also recommendable.

Tenerife, where we can go to one of the biggest water parks all over the world called Siam Park, or also to the most incredible theme park Loro Parque.

The Caldera de Taburiente National Park of La Palma is a singular place: it offers a mountain arch with a curious crater shape that we should visit some day. Remember that La Palma is known as the beautiful island of the Canary Island archipelago.
Garajonay National Park is in La Gomera, where we can already hear how many residents continue communicating with others with the Gomeran whistle language.

And the paradise for underwater diving can be found in El Hierro, one of the smallest islands in the Canaries.

As we can see, there are lots and lots of good reasons to visit this archipelago. To do rural tourism, you can go to one of the most comfortable country cottages in the islands you can find in this website granturalcanarias.com/en/

22 septiembre 2014

English courses nowadays

Nowadays, it is important to count with the most complete education so that we can find an interesting job. Economic and finantial crisis in Spain makes the labour of finding a job so difficult because there are lots and lots of formed people who want to access to the same work as you. In that case, it is obvious that the most prepared is the one who get the vacancy.

I am talking about all these general jobs that everybody can do without formation (waiters, street sweeper, labourer, shop assistants...), but also about the other that require specific knowledges, such as engineers, teachers, architects, translaters, etc. The problem is that nowadays, it does not mind which kind of job you are looking for because the most common now is working on something for what you have not studied or which has nothing to do with your preferences.

As it was already said, there are many people “fighting” for a job, so to be well prepared is elemental. That is why learning english with these courses is recommended. To be fluent in Englsh today is as important as having a degree even in Spain.

If you want to do english courses but you do not know where to go to do them, then I have to recommend you the web page www.canterburytefl.com.

06 mayo 2014

Alfalfa y forage

alfalfa is a plant species of plant that is often used as pasture, in many regions of the world is often cultivated for its high fertility has when planted. But not only serves to alfalfa used as pasture today is very common that the plant is used as medicine against kidney diseases, prostate and bladder diseases.

Today this plant has become more important especially for those problems which tend to urine people, consumption of this flat, helps clean the kidneys and liver.

According to experts the alfalfa as medicine should be consumed carefully, especially in pregnant and breastfeeding women.

The forage is mainly composed of a plant leaves and stems, serves as food for livestock. A very important point to note is that the forage is the product of grain germination and among them is the aforementioned alfalfa.

With this brief overview of the alfalfa and forage, we suggest that you enter an excellent friend websites that we have on our website digbooks, feel more enters grupoosés and find many more benefits and qualities of alfalfa and forage, unreservedly will be happy to visit the site and then come back here just to thank us for the recommendation

24 febrero 2014

College Algebra

Early in my teaching career, I realized two seemingly contradictory facts— that students are fully capable of understanding mathematical concepts but that many have had little success with mathematics. There are several reasons people struggle with mathematics. One is a weak background in basic mathematics. Most topics in mathematics are sequential. Weaknesses in any area will likely cause problems later. Another is that textbooks tend to present too many concepts at once, keeping students from being able to absorb them. I wrote this book (as well as my previous book, Algebra Demystified) with these issues in mind. Each section is short, containing exactly one new concept. This gives you a chance to absorb the material. Also, I have included detailed examples and solutions so that you can concentrate on the new lesson without being distracted by missing steps. The extra detail will also help you to review important skills.



1. Completing the Square
2. Absolute Value Equations and Inequalities
3. The x y Coordinate Plane
4. Lines and Parabolas
5. Nonlinear Inequalities
6. Functions
7. Quadratic Functions
8. Transformations and Combinations
9. Polynomial Functions
10. Systems of Equations and Inequalities
11. Exponents and Logarithms

Final Exam

Rhonda Huettenmueller 
 | McGraw-Hill | 2004 | English | 457pages | PDF | 2MB


10 enero 2014

Decentralisation in Africa

The current momentum for decentralization of government in Africa and elsewhere in the developing world is driven in many instances by the needs and desires of donor organizations. This volume questions whether this sort of decentralization offers a significant pathway out of poverty and conflict in Africa—addressing issues of poverty reduction in Uganda, Ghana, Malawi, and Tanzania and issues of conflict management in Mauritius, Namibia, South Africa, Uganda, and Rwanda. Conceptual weaknesses and problems of implementation are addressed, especially the limitations of donor-driven decentralization, in order to illustrate that decentralization is neither the ultimate answer nor a shortcut to the achievement of peace and development in Africa.


1. Introduction: Decentralisation as a Pathway out of Poverty and Conflict?
2. Constraints on the Implementation of Decentralisation and Implciations for Poverty Reducation—The Case of Uganda
3. Decentralisation and Poverty Reduction in Malawai—A Critical appraisal
4. Poverty and the Politics of (De)Centralisation in Ghana
5. The Impact of Decentralistation on Poverty in Tanzania
6. Decentralisation and the Legacy of Protracted Conflict—Mauritius, Namibia and South Africa
7. Decentralisation and Conflict in Kibaale, Uganda
8. Decentralisation as a Stabilising Factor in Rwanda
9. Conclusion: Decentralisation—No Shortcut to Development and Peace

Gordon Crawford, Christof Hartmann 
| Amsterdam University | 2008 | ISBN: 978 90 5356 934 4 | English | 261 pages | PDF | 2MB